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Prevod reči: invalid

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invalid [ muški rod ]

Onaj koji je nesposoban ili onesposobljen za službu i zarađivanje radi izdržavanja sebe i svoje porodice, naročito onaj koji je onesposobljen u ratu, ratni invalid. (lat.)

cripple [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. cripel, crepel, crupel, AS. crypel (akin to Dutch kreuple, German krüppel, Dan. kröbling, Icel. kryppill), prop., one that can not walk, but must creep, from AS. creópan to creep. Related to Creep.
Someone whose legs are disabled.

disabled person [ imenica ]
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Person who lacks one or more physical ability (like the ability to walk or coordinate movements); crippled person, incapacitated person

handicapped person [ imenica ]
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A person who has some handicap that interferes with normal functions.

lame duck [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]
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One that is weak or that falls behind in ability or achievement; especially chiefly British; an ailing company
An elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor, an elected official still in office but not slated to continue.
One whose position or term of office will soon end

valetudinarian [ imenica ]
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Weak or sickly person especially one morbidly concerned with his or her health.

wheelie [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]
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A maneuver in which a wheeled vehicle (as a bicycle) is momentarily balanced on its rear wheel or wheels.

invalid [ imenica ]
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ETYM French invalide, Latin invalidus. Related to Invalid null.
Someone who is incapacitated by a chronic illness or injury; SYN. shut-in.

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