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igralište [ imenica {sport} ]

field [ imenica {sport} ]
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Enclosed area of land used for farming. Traditionally fields were measured in acres; the current unit of measurement is the hectare (2.acres). In the Middle Ages, the farmland of an English rural community was often divided into three large fields (the open-field system). These were worked on a simple rotation basis of one year wheat, one year barley, and one year fallow. The fields were divided into individually owned strips of the width that one plow team with oxen could plow (about m/ft). At the end of each strip would be a turning space, either a road or a headland. Through repeated plowing a ridge-and-furrow pattern became evident. A farmer worked a number of strips, not necessarily adjacent to each other, in one field. The open-field communities were subsequently reorganized, the land enclosed, and the farmers' holdings redistributed into individual blocks which were then divided into separate fields. This enclosure process reached its peak during the 18th century. 20th-century developments in agricultural science and technology have encouraged farmers to amalgamate and enlarge their fields, often to as much as hectares/1acres.
The open field system was also found in France, Germany, Greece, and Slavonic lands.

ball-court [ imenica ]
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court [ imenica {sport} ]
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A quadrangular space walled or marked off for playing one of various games with a ball (as lawn tennis, handball, or basketball); also; a division of such a court.

ring [ imenica {sport} ]
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A square platform marked off by ropes in which contestants box or wrestle.

links [ N/A ]
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(Scottish) Sand hills especially along the seashore
Golf course; specifically; a golf course on linksland

playground [ imenica {sport} ]
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A piece of land used for and usually equipped with facilities for recreation especially by children
An area known or suited for activity of a specified sort
An outdoor area for children's play.

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