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ženski rod

1. hardware


Sinonimi: ironware | computer hardware

1. Artifacts (tools or implements) made of metal; SYN. ironware.
2. Major items of military equipment (as tanks or missile).
3. The mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical, devices making up a computer system; SYN. computer hardware.
The electrical, mechanical and electromechanical equipment and parts associated with a computing system, as opposed to its firmware or software.
The mechanical, electrical, and electronic components of a computer system, as opposed to the various programs, which constitute software.
In a microcomputer, hardware might include the circuit boards, the power supply and housing of the processing unit, the VDT (screen), external memory devices such as disk drives, a printer, the keyboard, and so on.
The physical components of a computer system, including any peripheral equipment such as printers, modems, and mouse devices. Compare firmware, software.

2. ironmongery


Something made of metal; especially British; hardware

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