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gnušati se


1. abhor


Sinonimi: loathe | abominate | execrate

To find repugnant; SYN. loathe, abominate, execrate.

2. abominate


Sinonimi: To hate; abhor; loathe; detest

1. To turn from as ill-omened.
2. To hate in the highest degree, as if with religious dread; loathe; SYN. To hate; abhor; loathe; detest.

3. detest


To hate intensely; to abhor; to abominate; to loathe.

4. execrate


Sinonimi: anathemize | anathematize

1. To declare to be evil or anathema; SYN. anathemize, anathematize.
2. To denounce or place under a curse
3. Curse; loathe.

5. revolt


1. To renounce allegiance or subjection (as to a government); rebel
2. To experience disgust or shock
3. To turn away with disgust
4. To cause to turn away or shrink with disgust or abhorrence
5. To make revolution

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