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Prevod reči: gledati

Smer prevoda: srpski > engleski

gledati [ glagol ]

attend [ glagol ]
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To be present at (meetings, church services, university), etc.; SYN. go to.
To be present.
To apply oneself to.
To give heed (to); SYN. pay attention, hang, advert, pay heed, give ear.
(usually followed by 'to') To take charge of; SYN. take care, look, see.
To accompany as a circumstance or follow as a result.

behold [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: beheld).
To see, as if for the first time; SYN. lay eyes on.

look [ glagol ]
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To accord in appearance with
To convey by one's expression
To give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect; SYN. appear, seem.
To have a certain outward or facial expression
To perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards

eye [ glagol ]
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To look at; SYN. eyeball.

ecce [ glagol ]
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gloat [ glagol ]
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To dwell on with satisfaction; SYN. triumph, crow.
To gaze at or think about something with great self-satisfaction, gratification, or joy.

scan [ glagol ]
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To examine hastily; SYN. skim, rake, glance over, run down.
To glance over or read superficially.
To make a wide, sweeping search of
To move a light beam over; in electronics, to reproduce an image.
To examine minutely or intensely.
To read metrically
To conform to a metrical pattern; said of poetic verse.

see [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Homonym: sea).
(Irregular preterit, past participle: saw, seen).
To accompany or escort; SYN. escort.
To be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something; SYN. check, insure, see to it, ensure, control, ascertain, assure.
To check, try, or ascertain; SYN. watch.
To consider or deem to be; regard; SYN. consider, reckon, view, regard.
To deliberate or decide.
To go to see for a social visit.
To go to see for professional or business reasons.
To match the bet of another player; in poker.
To perceive by sight.
1To receive as a specified guest.
1To see and understand, have a good eye.

stare [ glagol ]
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To fixate one's eyes; look at with a fixed gaze, as of a sculpture or a painting

vizy [ glagol ]
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vizzy [ glagol ]
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watch [ glagol ]
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ETYM Cf. as. woeccan, wacian. Related to Watch, Wake.
To see or view; SYN. view, see, catch, take in.
To observe with attention; SYN. look on.
To look attentively.
To follow with the eyes or the mind; SYN. observe, follow, watch over, keep an eye on.
To be vigilant, be on the lookout, be on one's guard, be careful; SYN. look out, watch out.

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