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epidemija [ ženski rod ]

Bolest koja vlada nekim krajem, zarazna bolest, zaraza, rednja, narodna bolest; u užem smislu: bolest koja je došla spolja i neko vreme vladala u nekom kraju, no bolest od koje taj kraj inače ne pati; supr. endemija.

epidemia [ imenica ]
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epidemic [ imenica ]
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A widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time.
Outbreak of infectious disease affecting large numbers of people at the same time. A widespread epidemic that sweeps across many countries (such as the Black Death in the late Middle Ages) is known as a pandemic.

epidemy [ imenica {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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pest [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin pestis: cf. French peste.
An epidemic disease associated with high mortality; specifically; plague.
Something resembling a pest in destructiveness; especially; a plant or animal detrimental to humans or human concerns (as agriculture or livestock production).
One that pesters or annoys; nuisance.
In biology, any insect, fungus, rodent, or other living organism that has a harmful effect on human beings, other than those that directly cause human diseases. Most pests damage crops or livestock, but the term also covers those that damage buildings, destroy food stores, and spread disease.
A persistently annoying person; SYN. blighter, cuss, pesterer, gadfly.

plague [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin plaga a blow, stroke, plague; akin to Greek, from plessein to strike; cf. Latin plangere to strike, beat. Related to Plaint.
A disastrous evil or affliction; calamity.
A destructively numerous influx.
A cause of irritation; nuisance.
A sudden unwelcome outbreak.

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