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Koji pokazuje ili ima energiju; radan, delatan, delotvoran, krepak, odlučan, jak, silan. (grč.)

1. active


Sinonimi: physical | dynamic | combat-ready | fighting | on the move | participating

ETYM French actif, Latin activus, from agere to act.
1. Characterized by energetic activity.
2. Characterized by energetic bodily activity; SYN. physical.
3. (Grammar) Expressing action rather than a state of being; used of verbs (e.g. 'to run') and participial adjectives (e.g. 'running' in 'running water'); SYN. dynamic.
4. (Military) Engaged in or ready for military or naval operations; SYN. combat-ready, fighting.
5. (Of e.g. volcanos) Being in a state of action or potential action.
6. (Pathology) Tending to become more severe or wider in scope.
7. Being in physical motion; SYN. on the move.
8. (Astronomy; of the sun) Characterized by a high level activity in sunspots and flares and radio emissions.
9. Disposed to take action or effectuate change.
10. Exerting influence or producing an effect.
11. Engaged in full-time work; (military).
12. In operation.
13. Taking part in an activity; SYN. participating.

2. aggressive


Sinonimi: belligerent | enterprising | pushful | pushing | pushy | fast-growing

ETYM Cf. French agressif.
1. Characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight; SYN. belligerent.
2. Having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of one's ends.
3. Marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative; SYN. enterprising, pushful, pushing, pushy.
4. Tending to spread quickly; SYN. fast-growing.

3. arduous


Sinonimi: backbreaking | grueling | gruelling | hard | heavy | laborious | labourious | punishing | toilsome | straining | strenuous

ETYM Latin arduus steep, high; akin to Irish ard high, height.
1. Characterized by toilsome effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort; SYN. backbreaking, grueling, gruelling, hard, heavy, laborious, labourious, punishing, toilsome.
2. Difficult to accomplish; demanding considerable mental effort and skill.
3. Taxing to the utmost; testing powers of endurance; SYN. straining, strenuous.

4. dashing


Sinonimi: gallant

Lively and spirited; SYN. gallant.

5. driving


Sinonimi: impulsive

1. Acting with vigor.
2. Having the power of driving or impelling; SYN. impulsive.

6. dynamic


Sinonimi: dynamical

ETYM Greek, powerful, from dunamis power; cf. Latin durus hard, Eng. dure: cf. French dynamique.
1. Characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality; SYN. dynamical.
2. (Physics) Of or relating to dynamics.

7. energetic


Sinonimi: gumptious | industrious | up-and-coming

ETYM Greek, from en in + ergon work. Related to Energy.
1. Possessing or exerting or displaying energy.
2. Working hard to promote an enterprise; SYN. gumptious, industrious, up-and-coming.

8. energical


9. kinetic


1. Characterized by motion
2. Relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces associated therewith
3. Of or due to movement.

10. lusty


1. Exhibiting lust or vigor; stout; strong; vigorous; robust; healthful; able of body.
2. Lustful; lascivious.

11. rustler


Sinonimi: cattle thief

Someone who steals livestock (especially cattle); SYN. cattle thief.

12. sappy


ETYM Written also sapy.
1. Abounding in sap.
2. Resembling or consisting largely of sapwood.
3. Overly sweet or sentimental.
4. Lacking in good sense; silly.

13. spirited


Displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness.

14. strenuous


ETYM Latin strenuus, strong, hard, rough, harsh.
Characterized by or performed with much energy or force.

15. strong


Sinonimi: powerful | firm | potent | powerful | overwhelming | potent | warm

1. Having strength or power greater than average or expected; SYN. powerful, firm, potent.
2. Not faint or feeble; SYN. powerful, overwhelming, potent.
3. (Grammar) Of verbs not having standard (or regular) inflection
4. Freshly made or left; SYN. warm.

16. trenchant


ETYM Old Fren. trenchant, French tranchant, p. pr. Related to Trench.
1. Fit to cut; gutting; sharp.
2. (Figurative) Keen; biting; severe.
Incisive; terse; vigorous.
Sharp; cutting.

17. vigorist


18. vigorous


ETYM Cf. Old Fren. vigoros, French vigoureux, Late Lat. vigorosus.
1. Characterized by forceful and energetic action or activity.
2. Strong and active physically or mentally.

19. viripotent


fit for a husband; marriageable
(sexually) potent.

20. zippy


1. (Informal) Energetic.
2. (Informal) Fast.

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