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muški rodelektrotehnika

Mašina koja pretvara električnu energiju u mehanički rad. (grč.-lat.)

1. electric motor


A motor that converts electricity to mechanical work.
A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are various types, including direct-current and induction motors, most of which produce rotary motion. A linear induction motor produces linear (sideways) rather than rotary motion.
A simple direct-current motor consists of a horseshoe-shaped permanent magnet with a wire-wound coil (armature) mounted so that it can rotate between the poles of the magnet. A commutator reverses the current (from a battery) fed to the coil on each half-turn, which rotates because of the mechanical force exerted on a conductor carrying a current in a magnetic field.
An induction motor employs alternating current. It comprises a stationary current-carrying coil (stator) surrounding another coil (rotor), which rotates because of the current induced in it by the magnetic field created by the stator; it thus requires no commutator.

2. electromotor


Electric motor, motor which is electrically powered

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