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1. bifarious


Organized in two rows; in two rows; twofold; pointing in two directions.

2. bifold


ETYM Pref. bi- + fold.
Capable of being folded into two parts, as with doors that are hinged together.

3. bifront


4. bifrontal


5. bifronted


6. binal


Double; twin.

7. biparted


8. bipartite


Sinonimi: two-party | two-way

ETYM Latin bipartitus, p. p. of bipartire; bis twice + partire. Related to Partite.
1. Divided into two portions almost to the base.
2. Involving two parties or elements; SYN. two-party, two-way.
3. Having two parts; between two parties.

9. diadic


10. double


Sinonimi: doubled | twofold | dual | duple | forked

ETYM Old Eng. doble, duble, double, Old Fren. doble, duble, double, French double, from Latin duplus, from the root of duo two, and perh. that of plenus full; akin to Greek diploos double. Related to Two, and Full, Diploma, Duple.
1. Twice as great or many; SYN. doubled, twofold.
2. Consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs; SYN. dual, duple.
3. Large enough for two.
4. Having two meanings with intent to deceive; SYN. forked.
5. Having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities.
6. (Botany; of flowers) Having more than the usual number of petals in crowded or overlapping arrangements.

11. double-barreled


Sinonimi: double-barrelled | double-barrelled

1. Having two barrels mounted side by side; SYN. double-barrelled.
2. Having two purposes; twofold; SYN. double-barrelled.

12. doublefold


13. dual


ETYM Latin dualis, from duo two. Related to Two.
(Homonym: duel).
A grammatical number category referring to two items or units (as opposed to one item (singular) or more than one item (plural)).

14. dual-purpose


Having breed characteristics that serve two purposes

15. duple


1. Having two elements
2. Marked by two or a multiple of two beats per measure of music
3,. of rhythm; consisting of a meter based on disyllabic feet

16. duplex


ETYM Latin, from duo two + plicare to fold. Related to Two, and Complex.
1. (Telecommunication) Allowing communication in opposite directions simultaneously.
2. (Used technically of a device or process) Having two parts.
Pertaining to simultaneous two-way independent data communication transmission in both direction. Same as full duplex.
Capable of carrying information in both directions over a communications channel. A system is full-duplex if it can carry information in both directions at once; it is half-duplex if it can carry information in only one direction at a time.

17. duplicate


Sinonimi: matching | twin | twinned

ETYM Latin duplicatus, p. p. of duplicare to double, from duplex double, twofold. Related to Duplex.
1. Being two identical; SYN. matching, twin, twinned.
2. Identically copied from an original.

18. dyadic


ETYM Greek, from di two. Of or relating to a dyad or based on two. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a pair—for example, a dyadic processor, which contains two processors controlled by the same operating system. The term is usually limited to describing a system with two microprocessors. Dyadic Boolean operations are those such as AND and OR in which the outcome depends on both values. See also Boolean algebra, operand. Compare unary.

19. twofold


Double; duplicate; multiplied by two

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