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Prevod reči: dupe

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dupe [ imenica {vulgarno, napadno} ]

Čmar, šupak.

arse [ imenica {vulgarno, napadno} ]
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ETYM AS. ears; aers; akin to Old High Germ. ars. German arsch, Dutch aars, Swed. ars, Dan. arts.
(British) The buttocks, or hind part of an animal; the bottom.

ass [ imenica {vulgarno, napadno} ]
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a often vulgar; Buttocks — often used in emphatic reference to a specific person b often vulgar; anus
usually vulgar; sexual intercourse

bottle and glass [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]
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chuff [ imenica ]
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Boor, churl
The sound of noisy exhaust or exhalations

dupe [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]

nalgas [ imenica {N/A} ]
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