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dugorepa hrskavičava riba

ženski rod

1. chimaera


Fish of the group Holocephali. Chimaeras have thick bodies that taper to a long thin tail, large fins, smooth skin, and a cartilaginous skeleton. They can grow to 1.5 m/4.5 ft. Most chimaeras are deep-water fish, and even Chimaera monstrosa, a relatively shallow-living form caught around European coasts, lives at a depth of 300–500 m/1,000–1,600 ft.

2. rabbitfish


Sinonimi: Chimaera monstrosa

Large European chimaera; SYN. Chimaera monstrosa.

3. ratfish


Chimaera; especially; a silvery iridescent white-spotted chimaera (Hydrolagus colliei) of cold deep waters of the Pacific coast of North America

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