državni udar | srpsko - engleski prevod

državni udar

muški rod

Neustavno rušenje ustavnog poretka ili preuzimanje vlasti, često izvršeno primenom sile, no uvek "iznutra", od strane onih koji u vršenju vlasti već učestvuju.

1. coup


ETYM French, fromL. colaphus a cuff, Greek.
(French) “stroke”; successful action; coup d’état. coup de grâce, finishing blow; fatal blow. coup de main, sudden violent onslaught. coup d’essai, experiment. coup d’état, sudden action whereby government is changed; short revolution, especially bloodless. coup d’oeil, swift survey or glance; what is thus seen. coup de soleil, sunstroke. coup de théâtre, sudden dramatic or sensational action.(Homonym: coo).
A brilliant and notable success. co-up.

2. coup d'état


Sinonimi: coup | putsch | takeover

A sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force; SYN. coup, putsch, takeover.
Or coup; Forcible takeover of the government of a country by elements from within that country, generally carried out by violent or illegal means. It differs from a revolution in typically being carried out by a small group (for example, of army officers or opposition politicians) to install its leader as head of government, rather than being a mass uprising by the people.
Early examples include the coup of 1799, in which Napoleon overthrew the Revolutionary Directory and declared himself first consul of France, and the coup of 1851 in which Louis Napoleon (then president) dissolved the French national assembly and a year later declared himself emperor. Coups of more recent times include the overthrow of the socialist government of Chile 1973 by a right-wing junta, the military seizure of power in Surinam Dec 1990, and the short-lived removal of Mikhail Gorbachev from power in the USSR by hard-line communists 19–22 Aug 1991.

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