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ciroza jetre

ženski rodmedicina

Oboljenje praćeno umnožavanje vezivnog tkiva u jetri, koje očvrsne i pokazuje jaku žućkastu boju (posledica hroničnog alkoholizma, sifilisa i dr.)

1. cirrhosis


Sinonimi: cirrhosis of the liver

ETYM New Lat., from Greek kirros orange-colored: cf. French cirrhose. So called from the yellowish appearance which the diseased liver often presents when cut.
A chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver; the major cause is chronic alcoholism; SYN. cirrhosis of the liver.
Medicine, hardened or fibrous condition, especially of liver.
Any degenerative disease in an organ of the body, especially the liver, characterized by excessive development of connective tissue, causing scarring and painful swelling. Cirrhosis of the liver may be caused by an infection such as viral hepatitis, chronic obstruction of the common bile duct, chronic alcoholism or drug use, blood disorder, heart failure, or malnutrition. However, often no cause is apparent. If cirrhosis is diagnosed early, it can be arrested by treating the cause; otherwise it will progress to coma and death.

2. cirrhosis of the liver


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