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centralno grejanje [ imenica ]

Zagrevanje prostorija toplom vodom ili parom, koja dolazi iz jednog kazana, postavljenog na najnižemi mesto zgrade (obično u podrumu), pomoću cevi provedenih kroz prostorije koje treba zagrevati.

central heating [ imenica ]
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Air or water is heated at a central furnace and sent through the building via vents or pipes and radiators.
System of heating from a central source, typically of a house, larger building, or group of buildings, as opposed to heating each room individually. Steam heat and hot-water heat are the most common systems in use. Water is heated in a furnace burning oil, gas, or solid fuel, and, as steam or hot water, is then pumped through radiators in each room. The level of temperature can be selected by adjusting a thermostat on the burner or in a room.
Central heating has its origins in the hypocaust heating system introduced by the Romans nearly 2,0years ago. From the 18th century, steam central heating, usually by pipe, was available in the West and installed in individual houses on an ad hoc basis. The Scottish engineer James Watt heated his study with a steam pipe connected to a boiler, and Matthew Boulton installed steam heating in a friend's Birmingham house. Not until the latter half of the 20th century was central heating in general use. Central heating systems are usually switched on and off by a time switch. Another kind of central heating system uses hot air, which is pumped through ducts (called risers) to grills in the rooms. Underfloor heating (called radiant heat) is used in some houses, the heat coming from electric elements buried in the floor.

district heating [ imenica ]
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