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Alergena biljka.

1. elm


Sinonimi: elm tree | elmwood

ETYM AS. elm; akin to Dutch olm, Old High Germ. elm, German ulme, Icel. almr, Dan. and Swed. alm, Latin ulmus, and Eng. alder. Related to Old.
Any tree of the genus Ulmus of the family Ulmaceae, found in temperate regions of the N hemisphere and in mountainous parts of the tropics. All have doubly-toothed leaf margins and bear clusters of small flowers.
Other species are the wych elm U. glabra, indigenous to Britain, the North American white elm U. americana, and the red or slippery elm U. fulva. Most elms (apart from the wych elm) reproduce not by seed but by suckering (new shoots arising from the root system). This nonsexual reproduction results in an enormous variety of forms.
The fungus disease Ceratocystis ulmi, known as Dutch elm disease because of a severe outbreak in the Netherlands 1924, has reduced the numbers of elm trees in Europe and North America. It is carried from tree to tree by beetles. Elms were widespread throughout Europe to about 4000 BC, when they suddenly disappeared and were not again common until the 12th century. This may have been due to an earlier epidemic of Dutch elm disease.
The American elm U. americana and slippery elm U. rubra are native to E North America.
1. Any of various trees of the genus Ulmus: important timber or shade trees; SYN. elm tree.
2. Hard tough wood of an elm tree; used for e.g. implements and furniture; SYN. elmwood.

2. elm tree


3. planera aquatica


4. water elm


Sinonimi: Ulmus laevis

Eurasian elm closely resembling the American elm; thrives in a moist environment; SYN. Ulmus laevis.

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muški rodgeografija

Francuska mornarička luka.

1. Brest


(Belarus) City in Belarus, on the river Bug and the Polish frontier; It was in Poland (Brzesc nad Bugiem) until 1795 and again 1921–39. In World War I, the Russian truce with Germany, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (an older Russian name of the city), was signed here March 1918.
(France) Naval base and industrial port (electronics, engineering, chemicals) on Rade de Brest (Brest Roads), a great bay at the western extremity of Brittany, France; Occupied as a U-boat base by the Germans 1940–44, the city was destroyed by Allied bombing and rebuilt.

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