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borenje [ imenica ]

wrestling [ imenica {sport} ]
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The sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down; SYN. rassling, grappling.
Sport popular in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and included in the Olympics from 7BC. The two main modern international styles are Greco-Roman, concentrating on above-waist holds, and freestyle, which allows the legs to be used to hold or trip; in both The aim is to throw the opponent to the ground.
Many countries have their own forms of wrestling. Glima is unique to Iceland; Kushti is the national style practiced in Iran; Schwingen has been practiced in Switzerland for hundreds of years; and sumo is the national sport of Japan. World championships for freestyle wrestling have existed since 19and since 19for Greco-Roman style. Greco-Roman was included in the first modern Olympic program 189freestyle made its debut 190Competitors are categorized according to weight: there are ten weight divisions in each style of wrestling.

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