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muški rod


1. board


An electronic module consisting of chips and other electronic components mounted on a flat, rigid substrate on which conductive paths are laid between the components. A personal computer contains a main board, called the motherboard, which usually has the microprocessor on it and slots into which other, smaller boards, called cards or adapters, can be plugged to expand the functionality of the main system, allowing connections to monitors, disk drives, or a network. See also adapter, card (definition 1), motherboard.

2. box


Sinonimi: boxful | loge | box seat | boxwood

1. Usually rectangular container; may have a lid.
2. The quantity contained in a box; SYN. boxful.
3. A rectangular drawing.
4. Private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance; SYN. loge.
5. The driver's seat on a coach; SYN. box seat.
6. Separate partitioned area in a public place for a few people.
7. Any one of several designated areas on a ball field where the batter or catcher or coaches are positioned.
8. Evergreen shrubs or small trees; SYN. boxwood.
9. A blow with the hand (usually on the ear).

3. flank


Sinonimi: wing

ETYM French flanc, prob. from Latin flaccus flabby, with n inserted. Related to Flaccid, Flanch, Flange.
1. The side between ribs and hipbone.
2. A cut from the fleshy part of an animal's side between the ribs and the leg.
3. A subfigure consisting of a side of something.
4. The side of military or naval formation; SYN. wing.

4. side


Sinonimi: face | position | side of meat

ETYM as. sîde; akin to Dutch zijde, German seite, Old High Germ. sîta, Icel. sîtha, Dan. side, Swed. sida.
1. A surface forming part of the outside of an object; SYN. face.
2. A extended outer surface of an object.
3. An aspect of something (as contrasted with some other implied aspect).
4. A place within a region identified relative to a center or reference location.
5. A line segment forming part of the perimeter of a plane figure.
6. Either the left or right half of a body (human or animal).
7. An opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute; SYN. position.
8. A lengthwise dressed half of an animal's carcass used for food; SYN. side of meat.
9. A family line of descent.
10. One of two or more contesting groups (in games or war or politics).

5. wall


Sinonimi: paries

ETYM AS. weall, from Latin vallum a wall, vallus a stake, pale, palisade.
1. An architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure.
2. A masonry fence (as around an estate or garden).
3. Anything that suggests a wall in structure or effect.
4. (Anatomy) A layer (a lining or membrane) that encloses a structure; SYN. paries.
5. A difficult or awkward situation.

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muški rodnautika

1. flange


Sinonimi: rim

ETYM Prov. Eng. flange to project, flanch a projection. Related to Flanch, Flank.
Used for strength or for attaching to another object; SYN. rim.

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muški rodanatomija


1. haunch


ETYM French hanche, of German origin; cf. od. hancke, hencke, and also Old High Germ. ancha; prob. not akin to Eng. ankle.
(Irregular plural: haunches).
1. The hip and buttock and upper thigh in human beings.
2. The loin and leg of a quadruped.

2. hip


Sinonimi: hip joint | coxa | articulatio coxae

1. Either side of the body below the waist and above the thigh.
2. The ball-and-socket joint between the head of the femur and the acetabulum; SYN. hip joint, coxa, articulatio coxae.

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