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božja služba

ženski rod

1. chapel


ETYM Old Fren. chapele, French chapelle, from Late Lat. capella, orig., a short cloak, hood, or cowl.
A place of worship that has its own altar.
Place of worship used by some Christian denominations; also, a part of a building used for Christian worship. A large church or cathedral may have several chapels.

2. worship


Sinonimi: adoration

ETYM Old Eng. worshipe, wurthscipe, AS. weorthscipe; weorth worth + -scipe -ship. Related to Worth, and -ship.
(Homonym: warship).
1. A feeling of profound love and admiration; SYN. adoration.
2. The activity of worshipping.
Adoration and service of God or gods. This service involves reverence, awe, and wonder, and may take many different forms.
Worship is rarely an individual act, but usually takes the form of group participation in rituals. In some religious traditions, such as Christianity, the emphasis is on the attitude of the heart as being essential in true worship. In Hinduism, the principle form of worship is the mantra, in which the divine is embodied in sound.

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