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bezgrešno začeće [ imenica ]

Immaculate Conception [ imenica ]
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In the Roman Catholic Church, the belief that the Virgin Mary was, by a special act of grace, preserved free from original sin from the moment she was conceived. This article of the Catholic faith was for centuries the subject of heated controversy, opposed by St Thomas Aquinas and other theologians, but generally accepted from about the 16th century. It became a dogma in 18under Pope Pius IX.
First celebrated in 185Also called: December 8.
The Roman Catholic doctrine that the Virgin Mary was conceived without any stain of original sin.

Virgin Birth [ imenica ]
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Birth from a virgin.
Christian belief in the virginal (or immaculate) conception of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the Virgin Mary. Roman Catholic dogma also asserts the perpetual virginity of Mary, teaching that she bore Jesus in a miraculous way so that she remained a virgin and subsequently had no other children.
The theological doctrine that Jesus Christ had no human father; Christians believe that Jesus's birth fulfilled Old Testament prophecies and was attended by miracles; the Nativity is celebrated at Christmas; Also called: Nativity.

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