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apelacioni sud

muški rod

1. appellate court

imenicapravo (nauka)

Sinonimi: appeals court | court of appeals

A court authorized to hear appeals; SYN. appeals court, court of appeals.

2. court of appeal

imenicapravo (nauka)

UK law court comprising a Civil Division and a Criminal Division, set up under the Criminal Appeals Act 1968. The Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal has the power to revise sentences or quash a conviction on the grounds that in all the circumstances of the case the verdict is unsafe or unsatisfactory, or that the judgment of the original trial judge was wrong in law, or that there was a material irregularity during the course of the trial.
The Court of Appeal in 1991 had a backlog of appeals by people charged and prosecuted by the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, which was disbanded for corruption.

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