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ženski rodmedicina

Zaustavljanje krvi pristkom krvnog suda metalnom iglom.

1. acupressure


Sinonimi: G-Jo | shiatsu

ETYM Latin acus needle + premere, pressum, to press.
(Chinese and Japanese) Treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body; SYN. G-Jo, shiatsu.
Traditional Sino-Japanese massage technique using pressure points to increase viatality, relieve pain, and strengthen auto-immune system; Medical pressing needle across blood vessel to stop hemorrhage.
In alternative medicine, generic term covering several massage techniques, mostly Chinese, in which fingertip pressure is applied to points on the body to stimulate the vital energy in corresponding organs. These techniques include shiatsu, developed in Japan from Chinese roots, do-in, and acu-yoga. Acupressure may be used for immediate relief of symptoms, for the maintenance of general health, and in supporting other forms of treatment. It lends itself to application as a self-help technique.

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