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vođa [ muški rod ]

Predvodnik, vođ.

bellwether [ imenica ]
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Sheep with bell attached to the neck leading the flock.
Sheep that leads the herd often wearing a bell.
Someone who assumes leadership of a movement or activity.
one who takes the lead; indicator of trends

bucko [ imenica ]
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A person who is domineering and bullying; swaggerer
2 chiefly Irish; young fellow; lad

capitao [ imenica ]
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captain [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. capitain, captain, Old Fren. capitain, French capitaine (cf. Spanish capitan, Italian capitano), Late Lat. capitaneus, capitanus, from Latin caput the head. Related to under Chief, Chieftain.
The naval officer in command of a military ship; SYN. skipper.
An officer holding a rank below a major but above a lieutenant.
The leader of a group of people; SYN. chieftain.
The pilot in charge of an airship; SYN. senior pilot.
A policeman in charge of a precinct; SYN. police captain, police chief.
A diningroom attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers; SYN. head waiter, maitre d'hotel.

chief [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. chief, chef, Old Fren. chief, French chef, from Latin caput head, possibly akin to Eng. head. Related to Captain, Chapter.
The head or leader of any group of people; a commander, as of an army; the head of a tribe, clan, or family.
The principal part; the most valuable portion.

cob [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. as. cop, copp, head, top, Dutch kop, German kopf, kuppe, Late Lat. cuppa cup (cf. Eng. brainpan), and also w. cob tuft, spider, cop, copa, top, summit, cobio to thump. Related to Cop top, Cup.
dialect England; A rounded mass, lump, or heap; A mixture of unburnt clay and straw used especially for constructing walls of small houses in England.
A crudely struck old Spanish coin of irregular shape.

cock [ imenica ]
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Adult male bird.
Adult male chicken; SYN. rooster.
Obscene terms for penis; SYN. prick, dick, shaft, pecker, peter, tool.

commander [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French commandeur. Related to Commodore, Commender.
A commissioned naval officer who ranks above a lieutenant commander and below a captain.
Someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others.

conductor [ imenica ]
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ETYM Late Lat., a carrier, transporter, Latin, a lessee.
A device designed to transmit electricity, heat, etc.
A substance that readily conducts e.g. electricity and heat.
The person who collects fares on a public conveyance.
The person who leads a musical group; SYN. music director, director.

pacemaker [ imenica ]
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One that sets the pace for another; one that takes the lead or sets an example

Duce [ imenica ]
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ductor [ imenica ]
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guide [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. giae, French guide, Italian guida. Related to Guide.
Someone who shows the way by leading or advising.

head [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. hed, heved, heaved, as. heáfod.
The top of the body; the portion of the body containing the brain and showing the face.
The top of something.
An individual person.
The length or height based on the size of a human or animal head.
A rounded compact mass.
The striking part of a tool.
A part that projects out from the rest;.
The front of a military formation or procession.
A person who is in charge; SYN. chief, top dog.
1(Linguistics) The word in a constituent that plays the same grammatical role as the whole; SYN. head word.
1A single domestic animal.
1(Usually plural) An obverse side of a coin that bears the representation of a person's head.
1The tip of an abscess (where the pus accumulates).
1The pressure exerted by a fluid.
1A toilet on board a boat of ship.
1(Informal) A user of (usually soft) drugs.
1The foam or froth that accumulates at the top when one pours an effervescent liquid into a container.

leader [ imenica ]
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ETYM Obs. or R.
A person who rules or guides or inspires others.
A row of dots, hyphens, or other such characters used to lead the eye across a printed page to related information. Leaders can be created by many word processors and other programs.

tribune [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin tribunus, properly, the chief of a tribe, from tribus tribe: cf. French tribun. Related to Tribe.
Tribal chief; representative of a section of people; demagogue; platform; dais.
Roman magistrate of plebeian family, elected annually to defend the interests of the common people; only two were originally chosen in the early 5th century bc, but there were later ten. They could veto the decisions of any other magistrate.
The apse of a Christian church that contains the bishop's throne.

voorbok [ imenica {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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voorbokke [ imenica {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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vozhd [ imenica ]
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