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Rat iz 1812

muški rod

Rat između SAD-a i Engleske, 1812.

1. War of 1812


A war between the US and Britain caused by British interference with American trade (shipping) as part of Britain's economic warfare against Napoleonic France. US sailors were impressed from American ships, and a blockade was imposed on US shipping by Britain. Also, British assistance was extended to Indians harassing the NW settlements (see Tecumseh). President Madison authorized the beginning of hostilities against the British on the high seas and in Canada. US forces failed twice in attempts to invade British-held Canada but achieved important naval victories, while in 1814 British forces occupied Washington, DC and burned the White House and the Capitol. A treaty signed at Ghent, Belgium, in Dec 1814 ended the conflict. Before news of the treaty reached the US, American troops under Andrew Jackson defeated the British at New Orleans 1815.

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