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Mars [ muški rod {mitologija} ]

Bog rata kod starih Rimljana (kod Grka Ares); fig. rat, boj, borbena buka.

Mars [ muški rod {mitologija} ]
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In Roman mythology, the god of war, depicted as a fearless warrior. The month of March is named for him. He is equivalent to the Greek Ares.
(Roman mythology) God of war and agriculture; father of Romulus and Remus; counterpart of Greek Ares.

Mars [ muški rod {astrologija} ]

Jedna od velikih planeta, između Zemlje i Jupitera.

Mars [ imenica {astrologija} ]
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Fourth planet from the Sun. It is much smaller than Venus or Earth, with a mass 0.that of Earth. Mars is slightly pearshaped, with a low, level northern hemisphere, which is comparatively uncratered and geologically “young”, and a heavily cratered “ancient” southern hemisphere.
mean distance from the Sun 227.9 million km/141.6 million mi
equatorial diameter 6,7km/4,2mi
rotation period hr min
year 6Earth days
atmosphere 9carbon dioxide, nitrogen, 1.argon, and 0.1oxygen. Red atmospheric dust from the surface whipped up by winds of up to 4kph/2mph accounts for the light pink sky. The surface pressure is less than of the Earth’s atmospheric pressure at sea level.
surface The landscape is a dusty, red, eroded lava plain. Mars has white polar caps (water ice and frozen carbon dioxide) that advance and retreat with the seasons.
satellites two small satellites: Phobos and Deimos.
There are four enormous volcanoes near the equator, of which the largest is Olympus Mons km/mi high, with a base 6km/3mi across, and a crater km/mi wide. To the east of the four volcanoes lies a high plateau cut by a system of valleys, Valles Marineris, some 4,0km/2,5mi long, up to 2km/1mi wide and 6 km/4 mi deep; these features are apparently caused by faulting and wind erosion. Recorded temperatures vary from -100şC/-148şF to 0şC/32şF.
Mars may approach Earth to within 54.7 million km/million mi. The first human-made object to orbit another planet was Mariner Viking 1 and which landed, also provided much information. Studies in 19showed that enough water might exist to sustain prolonged missions by space crews. No proof of life on Mars has been obtained.
The 4th planet from the sun; Also called: Red Planet.

marš [ muški rod ]

Hod, hodanje, gredenje, koračanje; (fr.)

march [ imenica {N/A} ]
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A border region; frontier; especially; a district originally set up to defend a boundary — usually used in plural
Or (Italian) marcia In music, a piece originally intended to accompany marching soldiers or other people in procession, facilitating a regular and repeated drum rhythm. One of the earliest known forms of music, marches are usually in duple time (2/or common time (4/4), with a strongly marked beat and regular phrasing. There are various types, distinguished by tempo: the funeral march, slow march, quick march, and, occasionally, double-quick march. The earliest examples of the march in art music are found in the work of Lully and Couperin in the 17th century. The march has been used ever since, from Mozart operas as in Die Zauberflöte/The Magic Flute 179to Beethoven’s Eroica symphony 180to Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance Marches 1901.

marš [ muški rod {vojska} ]

Organizovano kretanje vojske (marširanje) Uredno kretanje jedne vojne jedinice ka određenom cilju.
Forsiran marš, usiljen marš, brz marš. (fr.)

anabasis [ imenica {N/A} ]
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Journey leading upwards, upward journey; military advance inland, especially of Persians and Greeks under Cyrus (4BC); Meteorology, (of wind) moving upward.

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