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Kolumbo Kristofer

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Španski moreplovac, pronašao Ameriku tražeći put do Indije, rođen u Đenovi.

1. Columbus

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(1451-1506) Italian born explorer who, sailing for Spain, attempted to reach Asia by sailing west from Europe; discovered America in 1492; Also called: Cristoforo Colombo, Cristobal Colon.
(Spanish Cristóbal Colón) (1451-1506)
Italian navigator and explorer who made four voyages to the New World: 1492 to San Salvador Island, Cuba, and Haiti; 1493–96 to Guadaloupe, Montserrat, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica; 1498 to Trinidad and the mainland of South America; 1502–04 to Honduras and Nicaragua.
Believing that Asia could be reached by sailing westward, he eventually won the support of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain and set off on his first voyage from Palos 3 Aug 1492 with three small ships, the Nińa, the Pinta, and his flagship the Santa Maria. Land was sighted 12 Oct, probably Watling Island (now San Salvador Island), and within a few weeks he reached Cuba and Haiti, returning to Spain March 1493.
Born in Genoa, Columbus went to sea at an early age, and settled in Portugal 1478. After his third voyage 1498, he became involved in quarrels among the colonists sent to Haiti, and in 1500 the governor sent him back to Spain in chains. Released and compensated by the king, he made his last voyage 1502–04, during which he hoped to find a strait leading to India. He died in poverty in Valladolid and is buried in Seville cathedral. In 1968 the site of the wreck of the Santa Maria, sunk off Hispaniola 25 Dec 1492, was located.
Columbus Day (12 Oct), a public holiday, is named for him.
Columbus Day 12 Oct is a public holiday in the US.

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