klizati se | srpsko - engleski prevod

klizati se


1. skate


1. To move along on skates
2. To move quickly upon the surface of, as if on skates.

2. slide


(Irregular preterit, past participle: slid)
1. To move smoothly along a surface; slip; to coast over snow or ice c of a base runner in baseball; to fall or dive feetfirst or headfirst when approaching a base
2. To slip or fall by loss of footing; to change position or become dislocated; shift
3. To slither along the ground; crawl; to stream along; flow
4. To move or pass smoothly or easily; to pass unnoticed or unremarked
5. To pass unobtrusively; steal; to pass by gradations especially downward
6. To cause to glide or slip; to traverse in a sliding manner
7. To put unobtrusively or stealthily
8. To move smoothly along a surface