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Jovanka Orleanka [ ženski rod {lično} ]

Orleanka, Jovanka.

Jeanne d'Arc [ ženski rod {lično} ]
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Saint circa 1412-14the Maid of Orleans French national heroine

Joan of Arc [ ženski rod {lično} ]
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St, (French Jeanne d’Arc) (1412-143French military leader. In 14she persuaded the future Charles VII that she had a divine mission to expel the occupying English from N France (see Hundred Years' War) and secure his coronation. She raised the siege of Orléans, defeated the English at Patay, north of Orléans, and Charles was crowned in Reims. However, she failed to take Paris and was captured in May 14by the Burgundians, who sold her to the English, and she was executed.
Joan was born at Domrémy in Lorraine, daughter of a prosperous farmer. She sought out Charles VII, then dauphin, at Chinon, NW France, and assembled a large army. After her success in relieving Orléans, she became known as the Maid of Orléans. She was captured when helping to raise the siege of Compičgne, and imprisoned for four months by the English. Found guilty of witchcraft and heresy by a tribunal of French ecclesiastics who supported the English, she was burned to death at the stake in Rouen May 143In 19she was canonized.

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