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Jedno od četiri japanska ostrva, drugo po veličini.

1. Hokkaido


The second larges of the four main islands of Japan; north of Honshu; Also called: Ezo, Yezo.
Formerly (until 1868) Yezo or Ezo Northernmost of the four main islands of Japan, separated from Honshu to the S by Tsugaru Strait and from Sakhalin to the N by Soy Strait; area 83,500 sq km/32,231 sq mi; including 16,000 Ainus. The capital is Sapporo. Natural resources include coal, mercury, manganese, oil and natural gas, timber, and fisheries. Coal mining and agriculture are the main industries.
Snow-covered for half the year, Hokkaido was little developed until the Meiji Restoration 1868 when disbanded samurai were settled here. Intensive exploitation followed World War II, including heavy and chemical industrial plants, development of electric power, and dairy farming. An artificial harbor has been constructed at Tomakomai, and an undersea rail tunnel links Hakodate with Aomori (Honshu) but remains as yet closed to public transport.

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