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Prevod reči: Drugačiji

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drugačiji [ pridev ]

contrary [ pridev ]
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Contradictory, opposed; stubborn, obstinate

different [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin differens, -entis, p. pr. of differre: cf. French différent.
Differing from all others; not ordinary.
Distinct or separate.
Unlike in nature or quality or form or degree.

diverse [ pridev ]
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ETYM The same word as divers. Related to Divers.
Distinctly dissimilar or unlike; SYN. various.

otherwise [ pridev ]
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other [ pridev ]
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Not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied
Very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected
Recently past

unlike [ pridev ]
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Not equal in amount; SYN. unequal.
Not like; marked by dissimilarity; SYN. dissimilar, different.

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