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muški rod

Čarolija, mađija; čar, ljupkost, umilnost.
Čar, draž.

1. charisma


Sinonimi: personal appeal | personal magnetism

A personal attractiveness that enables one to influence others; SYN. personal appeal, personal magnetism.
Special, indefinable power perceived in certain leaders by their followers. “Charisma” was originally a theological term meaning the divine grace bestowed on a Christian in order to fulfill his or her mission. It was appropriated by the German sociologist Max Weber to describe the inspirational power of some individuals.

2. charm


Sinonimi: good luck charm

ETYM French charme, from Latin carmen song, verse, incantation, for casmen, akin to Skr. çasman, çasâ, a laudatory song, from a root signifying to praise, to sing.
Something believed to bring good luck; SYN. good luck charm.
In physics, a property possessed by one type of quark (very small particles found inside protons and neutrons), called the charm quark. The effects of charm are only seen in experiments with particle accelerators. See elementary particles.

3. class


In sociology, the main grouping of social stratification in industrial societies, based primarily on economic and occupational factors, but also referring to people's style of living or sense of group identity. Within the social sciences, class has been used both as a descriptive category and as the basis of theories about industrial society. Theories of class may see such social divisions either as a source of social stability (Emile Durkheim) or social conflict (Karl Marx). In the US, little acknowledgment is given to the notion of class. If asked, most Americans identify themselves as middle class, although social scientists use measurements of education level, income, and occupation to ascribe social strata.

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