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đurđevak [ muški rod {botanika} ]

lily of the valley [ imenica {botanika} ]
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Low-growing perennial plant having usually two large oblong lanceolate leaves and a raceme of small fragrant nodding bell-shaped flowers followed by scarlet berries; SYN. lilies of the valley, May lily, Convallaria majalis.
Plant Convallaria majalis of the lily family Liliaceae, growing in woods in Europe, N Asia, and North America. The small, pendant, white flowers are strongly scented. The plant is often cultivated.

mayflower [ imenica {botanika} ]
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The ship in which the Pilgrims sailed 16from Plymouth, England, to found Plymouth plantation and Plymouth colony in present-day Massachusetts.
The Mayflower was one of two ships scheduled for departure in 162The second ship, the Speedwell, was deemed unseaworthy, so 1people were crowded into the 90-foot Mayflower, which was bound for Virginia. Tension between Pilgrim and non-Pilgrim passengers threatened to erupt into a mutiny. Blown off course, the ship reached Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in December. The Mayflower Compact was drafted to establish self-rule for the Plymouth colony and to protect the rights of all the settlers.

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