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Politički i socijalni pokret engleskih radnika (1836-1848) protiv aristokratije velikog poseda i kapitala; borio se za široke demokratske slobode, naročito za opšte pravo glasa i tajno glasanje. (Ovo je po Lenjinu prvi široki stvarno masovni politički formiran proleterski revolucionarni pokret).

1. Chartism


Radical British democratic movement, mainly of the working classes, which flourished around 1838–48. It derived its name from the People's Charter, a six-point program comprising universal male suffrage, equal electoral districts, secret ballot, annual parliaments, and abolition of the property qualification for, and payment of, members of Parliament. Greater prosperity, lack of organization, and rivalry in the leadership led to its demise.
About 60 Chartists were transported to Australia after an armed rising in 1842 when the British Parliament rejected two petitions. A third Chartist petition was presented in 1848. Many free emigrants to Australia in this period also supported Chartism, the principles of which appeared in associations such as the Ballarat Reform League (1854) and influenced the leaders of the Eureka Stockade.
The principles of a body of 19th century English reformers who advocated better social and economic conditions for working people.

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