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1. cockle


2. fantastic


Sinonimi: howling | marvelous | rattling | terrific | tremendous | wonderful | wondrous | fantastical | phenomenal

ETYM French fantastique, from Greek, able to represent, from phainein to make visible. Related to Fancy.
1. Extravagantly fanciful and unrealistic; foolish.
2. Extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers; SYN. howling, marvelous, rattling, terrific, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous.
3. Existing in fancy only; SYN. fantastical.
4. Exceedingly or unbelievably great; SYN. phenomenal.

3. fitful


Sinonimi: interrupted | off-and-on | spasmodic

ETYM From Fit.
1. Intermittently stopping and starting; SYN. interrupted, off-and-on.
2. Occurring in spells and often abruptly; SYN. spasmodic.

4. fractious


Sinonimi: refractory

ETYM Cf. Prov. Eng. frack forward, eager, Eng. freak, fridge; or Prov. Eng. fratch to squabble, quarrel.
1. Stubbornly resistant to authority or control; SYN. refractory.
2. Unpredictably difficult in operation; likely to be troublesome.
Irritable; peevish.

5. perverse


ETYM Latin perversus turned the wrong way, not right, p. p. of pervertereto turn around, to overturn: cf. French pervers. Related to Pervert.
Marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict.

6. reticent


Sinonimi: self-effacing | untalkative

ETYM Latin reticens, p. pr. of reticere to keep silence; re- + tacere to be silent. Related to Tacit.
1. Reluctant to draw attention to oneself; SYN. self-effacing.
2. Temperamentally disinclined to talk; SYN. untalkative.

7. silent


Sinonimi: soundless | still | unsounded

ETYM Latin silens, -entis, p. pr. of silere to be silent; akin to Goth. ana-silan.
1. Marked by absence of sound; SYN. soundless, still.
2. Having a frequency below or above the range of human audibility.
3. Not made to sound; SYN. unsounded.
4. (Of film) Having no spoken dialogue and usually no soundtrack.

8. teety


9. tetty


10. wayward


ETYM Old Eng. weiward, for aweiward, i. e., turned away. Related to Away, and -ward.
Unpredictable; not following the usual path.

11. whimsical


ETYM From Whimsey.
1. Full of, or characterized by, whims; capricious.
2. Odd or fantastic in appearance; quaintly devised; fantastic.

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