würdigen | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. admire


Sinonimi: look up to

1. To feel admiration for; SYN. look up to.
2. To look at with admiration.

2. appreciate


Sinonimi: take account | revalue

ETYM See note under Rise.
1. To be fully aware of; realize fully; SYN. take account.
2. To recognize with gratitude; be grateful for.
3. To gain in value, as of a currency; SYN. revalue.
4. To increase the value, as of a currency.

3. savor


Sinonimi: savour | savour

(Homonym: saver).
1. To give taste to; SYN. savour.
2. To taste appreciatively; SYN. savour.

4. savour


Taste for a long time; take pleasure in -; enjoy; spice; have a characteristic of -; give of an odor (also savor)

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