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1. abet


To assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing.

2. back


Sinonimi: endorse | plump for | plunk for | support

1. To be behind; support or vote for; SYN. endorse, plump for, plunk for, support.
2. To be in back of
3. To cause to travel backward
4. To shift to a counterclockwise direction, of the wind.
5. To strengthen by providing with a back or backing.
6. To support financial backing for
7. To travel backward

3. endow


Sinonimi: dower | indue | gift | empower | invest | endue

1. To furnish with an endowment; SYN. dower.
2. To give qualities or abilities to; SYN. indue, gift, empower, invest, endue.

4. espouse


Sinonimi: embrace | sweep up | adapt

To take up the cause or ideology of (beliefs, tasks, etc.); SYN. embrace, sweep up, adapt.

5. facilitate


Sinonimi: ease | alleviate

To make easier; SYN. ease, alleviate.

6. maintain


Sinonimi: defend

1. To keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency, or validity); preserve from failure or decline
2. To sustain against opposition or danger; uphold and defend
3. To continue or persevere in; carry on, keep up
4. To support or provide for; sustain
5. To affirm in or as if in argument; assert
6. To state or assert; SYN. defend.

7. provide


Sinonimi: supply | ply | cater

1. To determine (what is to happen in certain contingencies), esp. by including a proviso condition
2. To provide what is desired or needed, esp. support, food or sustenance; SYN. supply, ply, cater.

8. relieve


Sinonimi: deliver | alleviate | palliate | assuage

1. To free from a burden, evil, or distress; SYN. deliver.
2. To provide physical relief, as from pain; SYN. alleviate, palliate, assuage.
3. To take by stealing

9. second


Sinonimi: back | endorse | indorse

To give support or one's blessing to; SYN. back, endorse, indorse.

10. shore up


11. stand by


Sinonimi: stay away from

1. To be available or ready for a certain function or service; SYN. stick around, stick about.
2. To be loyal to; SYN. stick by, stick to, stick with, adhere.
3. Not to act or do anything

12. support


Sinonimi: hold | hold up | shore up | underpin | bolster | bolster up | see through | back up

1. To provide support for; to hold up; SYN. hold, hold up, shore up, underpin.
2. To support; of morale, theories, etc.; SYN. bolster, bolster up.
3. To support financially in an enterprise; SYN. see through.
4. To be supportive of; SYN. back up.
5. To play a subordinate role to (another performer).

13. sustain


Sinonimi: keep | maintain

1. To admit as valid.
2. To supply with sustenance; SYN. keep, maintain.

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