sinken .p.,pp. ... | nemačko - engleski prevod

sinken .p.,pp. sank, ist gesunken


1. fall off


1. To come off
2. To diminish in size or intensity; SYN. fall away.
3. When people or things drop to a lower level from a higher place, they fall off the place where they were.

2. sink


(Irregular preterit, past participle: sank, sunk).
1. To cause to sink.
2. To descend into some soft substance.
3. To fall or drop to a lower place or level; SYN. drop, drop down.
4. To go under,; SYN. settle, go down, go under.
5. To pass into a specified state or condition; SYN. pass, lapse.

3. subside


Sinonimi: lessen | settle

1. To sink or fall to a lower level; SYN. lessen.
2. To sink or fall; SYN. settle.

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