schnüffeln | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. sleuthing


2. sniff


Sinonimi: whiff | sniffle

1. To draw air audibly up the nose; SYN. whiff.
2. To inhale audibly; SYN. sniffle.

3. sniffle


ETYM Freq. of sniff. Related to Snivel.
To take an audible breath through the nose, as if to clear it of mucus, especially when crying.

4. snoop


To look or pry especially in a sneaking or meddlesome manner

5. snuff


Sinonimi: snuffle

ETYM Akin to Dutch snuffen, German schnupfen, schnuppen, to snuff, schnupfen a cold in the head, schnuppen to snuff (air), also, to snuff (a candle). Related to Sniff, Snout, Snub.
To sniff or smell inquiringly; SYN. snuffle.
Finely powdered tobacco for sniffing up the nostrils (or sometimes chewed or rubbed on the gums) as a stimulant or sedative. Snuff taking was common in 17th-century England and the Netherlands, and spread in the 18th century to other parts of Europe, but was largely superseded by cigarette smoking.

6. snuffle


Sinonimi: snivel

To snuff up mucus through the nose; SYN. snivel.

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