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1. achieve


Sinonimi: accomplish | attain | reach

To gain with effort; SYN. accomplish, attain, reach.

2. conceive


Sinonimi: conceptualize | conceptualise | ideate

1. To become pregnant; undergo conception.
2. To have the idea for; SYN. conceptualize, conceptualise, ideate.

3. conserve


Sinonimi: husband | economize | economise

To use cautiously and frugally; SYN. husband, economize, economise.

4. get


(Irregular preterit, past participle: got; or p.p.: gotten).
1. To acquire as a result of some effort or action.
2. To cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition; SYN. let, have.
3. To come into the possession of something concrete or abstract; SYN. acquire.
4. To communicate with a place or person; establish communication with, as if by telephone.
5. To evoke an emotional response.
6. To irritate.
7. To overcome or destroy.
8. To purchase.
9. To reach and board.
10. To reach by calculation.
11. To reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot; SYN. catch.
12. To receive as a retribution or punishment; SYN. receive.
13. To succeed in catching or seizing, esp. after a chase; SYN. catch, capture.

5. maintain


Sinonimi: defend

1. To keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency, or validity); preserve from failure or decline
2. To sustain against opposition or danger; uphold and defend
3. To continue or persevere in; carry on, keep up
4. To support or provide for; sustain
5. To affirm in or as if in argument; assert
6. To state or assert; SYN. defend.

6. obtain


To come into possession of

7. preserve


Sinonimi: maintain | keep up

1. To keep in perfect or unaltered condition; SYN. maintain, keep up.
2. To prevent from rotting, of foods

8. receive


Sinonimi: have | take in | invite | get | find | obtain | incur

1. To get something; come into possession of; SYN. have.
2. To accept as true or valid
3. To convert into sounds or pictures, of incoming radio signals.
4. To express willingness to have in one's home or environs; SYN. take in, invite.
5. To have or give give a reception
6. To partake of the Eucharist, in a Christian church.
7. To receive a specified treatment (abstract); SYN. get, find, obtain, incur.

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