durchbohren | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. perforate


1. To make a hole through ; especially; to make a line of holes in to facilitate separation
2. To pass through or into by or as if by making a hole
3. To penetrate a surface
4. To bore through; to pierce through with a pointed instrument; to make a hole or holes through by boring or piercing; to pierce or penetrate the surface of.

2. pierce


Sinonimi: thrust

1. To cut or make a way through
2. To make a hole into
3. To move or affect (a person's emotions, bodily feelings, etc.) deeply or sharply
4. To penetrate or cut through with a sharp instrument; SYN. thrust.
5. To sound sharply or shrilly

3. spear


Sinonimi: spear up

1. To pierce with a spear
2. To thrust up like a spear; SYN. spear up.

4. transfix


Sinonimi: impale | empale | spike

To pierce with a sharp stake or point; SYN. impale, empale, spike.

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