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1. indigenous


ETYM Latin indigenus, indigena, from ol. indu (fr. in in) + the root of Latin gignere to beget, bear. Related to In, and Gender.
1. Native; produced, growing, or living, naturally in a country or climate; not exotic; not imported.
2. Native; inherent; innate.
Native; aboriginal; inherent.

2. native


Sinonimi: aboriginal

ETYM French natif, Latin nativus, from nasci, p. p. natus. Related to Nation, Naďve, Nelf a serf.
1. As found in nature in the elemental form.
2. Being or composed of people inhabiting a region from the beginning; SYN. aboriginal.
3. Being such by origin.
4. Belonging to one by birth.

3. native


A person who was born in a particular place.

4. rooted to the soil


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