beweisen | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. demonstrate


Sinonimi: show | march

ETYM Latin demonstratus, p. p. of demonstrare to demonstrate; de- + monstrare to show. Related to Monster.
1. To give a demonstration of; SYN. show.
2. To march in protest; take part in a demonstration; SYN. march.

2. manifest


Sinonimi: reveal | declare | evince | make known | disclose | discover | display

To show plainly; to make to appear distinctly; to display; to exhibit; SYN. reveal, declare, evince, make known, disclose, discover, display.

3. prove


Sinonimi: demonstrate | establish | show | shew

1. To be shown or be found to be; SYN. demonstrate, establish, show, shew.
3. To obtain probate of, as of a will.
4. To prove formally; demonstrate by a mathematical, formal proof.
5. To take a trial impression of.

4. prove proved


5. proved


6. proven


7. substantiate


Sinonimi: back | back up

To establish as valid or genuine; SYN. back, back up.

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