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1. adjourn


Sinonimi: withdraw | retire | recess | break up

1. To break from a meeting or gathering; SYN. withdraw, retire.
2. To close at the end of a session; SYN. recess, break up.

2. defer


ETYM French déférer to pay deference, to yield, to bring before a judge, from Latin deferre to bring down; de- + ferre to bear. Related to Bear to support, and cf. Defer to delay, Delate.
To put off; to postpone to a future time; to delay the execution of; to delay; to withhold.

3. delay


Sinonimi: detain | hold up

1. To act later than planned or scheduled.
2. To cause to be slowed down or delayed; SYN. detain, hold up.

4. postpone


Sinonimi: hold over | put over | table | shelve | set back | defer | remit | put off

To hold back to a later time; SYN. hold over, put over, table, shelve, set back, defer, remit, put off.

5. put off


1. To delay; to attempt to hold at a distance
2. To turn aside; to elude; to disappoint; to frustrate.
3. To rid oneself of; take off
4. To sell or pass fraudulently

6. shelve


To place on a shelve

7. suspend


Sinonimi: debar | set aside

1. To interrupt or discontinue
2. To bar temporarily; from school, office, etc.; SYN. debar.
3. To cause to be held in suspension in a fluid, of particles, in chemistry.
4. To hang freely
5. To make inoperative or stop; SYN. set aside.

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