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muški rod

Ein argent. Tanz im langsamen 2/4- oder 4/8-Takt, der von der Habanera melod. u. rhythm. Elemente übernahm; seit 1910 in Europa verbreiteter Gesellschaftstanz.

1. tango


ETYM Spanish, a certain dance.
1. A ballroom dance of Latin-American origin.
2. Music written in duple time for dancing the tango.
Dance for couples, developed in Argentina during the early 20th century, or the music for it. The dance consists of two long steps followed by two short steps then one long step, using stylized body positions. The music is in in moderately slow duple time (2/4) and employs syncopated rhythms. Similar to the habanera, from which it evolved, the tango consists of two balanced sections, the second usually in the dominant key or the relative minor of the first section. William Walton uses a tango in his suite Façade 1923.

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