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muški rod

1. accident


Sinonimi: fortuity | chance event

Logic, non-essential; attribute not included in definition.
ETYM French accident, from Latin accidens, -dentis, p. pr. of accidere to happen; ad + cadere to fall. Related to Cadence, Case.
1. A mishap; especially one causing injury or death.
2. Anything that happens by chance without an apparent cause; SYN. fortuity, chance event.

2. breakdown


Sinonimi: equipment failure | crack-up | partitioning

1. A cessation of normal operation; SYN. equipment failure.
2. A mental or physical breakdown; SYN. crack-up.
3. An analysis into mutually exclusive categories; SYN. partitioning.
4. A breakdown is a situation in which something mechanical has broken down.
5. A situation in which an arrangement, agreement, negotiation, plan, or marriage has broken down is a breakdown.

3. failure


ETYM From Fail.
1. An act that fails.
2. An event that does not accomplish its intended purpose.
3. An unexpected omission.
4. Lack of success.

4. incident


ETYM Cf. French incident.
1. A public disturbance.
2. A single distinct event.

5. malfunction warning


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