Schmutz | nemačko - engleski prevod


muški rod

1. dirt


Sinonimi: filth | grime | soil | stain | grease

ETYM Old Eng. drit; kin to Icel. drit excrement, drîta to dung, od. drijten to dung, as. gedrîtan.
The state of being covered with unclean things; SYN. filth, grime, soil, stain, grease.
A filthy or soiling substance (as mud, dust, or grime) c archaic; something worthless.

2. dirtiness


Sinonimi: uncleanness

1. The state of being unsanitary; SYN. uncleanness.
2. The state of containing dirty impurities.

3. filth


Sinonimi: filthiness | foulness | nastiness

ETYM Old Eng. filthe, fulthe, AS. fileth;, from fűl foul; akin to Old High Germ. fűlida. Related to Foul, File.
A state characterized by foul or disgusting dirt and refuse; SYN. filthiness, foulness, nastiness.

4. foulness


ETYM AS. fűlnes.
The quality or condition of being foul.

5. grime


ETYM Cf. Dan. grim, griim, lampblack, soot, grime, Icel. grîma mask, sort of hood, OD. grijmsel, grimsel, soot, smut, and Eng. grimace.
Dirt; any filthy matter, esp. if it is gritty and has been rubbed in or deeply ingrained.

6. grimes


7. mud


Sinonimi: clay

ETYM Akin to lg. mudde, Dutch modder, German moder mold, OSw. modd mud, Swed. modder mother, Dan. mudder mud. Related to Mother a scum on liquors.
1. Slanderous remarks or charges.
2. Water soaked soil; soft wet earth; SYN. clay.

8. ordure


Loathsome dirt or refuse; something morally degrading
Dung; filth

9. smudginess


10. smut


Sinonimi: smut fungus

ETYM Akin to Swed. smuts, Dan. smuds, Mid. High Germ. smuz, German schmutz, Dutch smet a spot or stain, smoddig, smodsig, smodderig, dirty, smodderen to smut; and probably to Eng. smite. Related to Smite, Smitt, Smutch.
1. Any fungus of the order Usrilaginales; SYN. smut fungus.
2. Destructive diseases of plants (especially cereal grasses) caused by fungi that produce black powdery masses of spores.
In botany, any parasitic fungus of the order Ustilaginales, which infects flowering plants, particularly cereal grasses.

11. sordidness


Sinonimi: squalor | squalidness

Sordid dirtiness; SYN. squalor, squalidness.

12. squalor


The quality or state of being squalid

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