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ženski rodgramatika

1. chink


Sinonimi: click | clink | Chinaman

1. A narrow opening as e.g. between planks in a wall.
2. A short light metallic sound; SYN. click, clink.
3. Offensive terms for a person of Chinese descent; SYN. Chinaman.

2. scratch


Sinonimi: scrape | scar | mark

1. An indication of damage; SYN. scrape, scar, mark.
2. The sound made by scratching
3. The starting line in a race
4. A test of courage; satisfactory condition, level, or performance
5. A contestant whose name is withdrawn
6. Poultry feed (as mixed grains) scattered on the litter or ground especially to induce birds to exercise — called also scratch feed
7. A shot in billiards or pool that ends a player's turn; specifically; a shot in pool in which the cue ball falls into the pocket; a shot that scores by chance; fluke

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