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Georges, 1911, 1974, frz. Politiker (Gaullist); 1962–68 Prem.-Min., 1969–74 Staats-Präs.

1. Pompidou

muški rodlično ime

(1911-1974) French conservative politician, president 1969–74. He negotiated a settlement with the Algerians 1961 and, as prime minister 1962–68, with the students in the revolt of May 1968.
An adviser on General de Gaulle's staff 1944–46, Pompidou held administrative posts until he became director-general of the French House of Rothschild 1954, and even then continued in close association with de Gaulle, helping to draft the constitution of the Fifth Republic 1958–59. He was elected to the presidency on de Gaulle's resignation.

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