Polyeder | nemačko - engleski prevod



Vielfach, von geradlinigen, ebenen Vielecken begrenzter Körper.
(griech.)Vielflächner, Körper, der von endlich vielen ebenen Flächen begrenzt wird (z.B. Würfel, Pyramide).

1. polyhedron


ETYM New Lat., from Greek. with many seats or sides; polys many + hedron a seat or side: cf. French polyčdre.
A solid figure bounded by plane polygons or faces.
Many-sided solid figure.
In geometry, a solid figure with four or more plane faces. The more faces there are on a polyhedron, the more closely it approximates to a sphere. Knowledge of the properties of polyhedra is needed in crystallography and stereochemistry to determine the shapes of crystals and molecules.
There are only five types of regular polyhedron (with all faces the same size and shape), as was deduced by early Greek mathematicians; they are the tetrahedron (four equilateral triangular faces), cube (six square faces), octahedron (eight equilateral triangles), dodecahedron (12 regular pentagons) and icosahedron (20 equilateral triangles).

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