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Andreas, Sohn von 2), 5.2.1919, grch. Politiker; 1964 Min. im Kabinett seines Vaters, nach dem Militärputsch 1967 in Haft, bis 1974 im Exil; gründete 1974 die »Panhellen. Sozialist. Bewegung« (PASOK); 1981–89 u. seit 1993 Min.-Präs.

1. Papandreou

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(1919-) Greek socialist politician, founder of the Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK); prime minister 1981–89, and again from 1993. He lost the 1989 election after being implicated in an alleged embezzlement scandal, involving the diversion of funds to the Greek government from the Bank of Crete, headed by George Koskotas. In Jan 1992 a trial cleared Papandreou of all corruption charges.
Son of a former prime minister, he studied law in Athens and at Harvard. He was director of the Center for Economic Research in Athens 1961–64, and economic adviser to the Bank of Greece. He was imprisoned April–Dec 1967 for his political activities, after which he founded PASOK. After another spell in overseas universities, he returned to Greece 1974. He was leader of the opposition 1977–81, and became Greece's first socialist prime minister. He was reelected 1985, but defeated 1989 after damage to his party and himself from the Koskotas affair. After being acquitted Jan 1992, Papandreou's request for a general election was rejected by the government. However, PASOK won the Oct 1993 general election, and he again became head of government.

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