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1. bonnet


ETYM Old Eng. bonet, Old Fren. bonet, bonete. French bonnet from Late Lat. bonneta, bonetum; orig. the name of a stuff, and of unknown origin.
A hat tied under the chin; SYN. poke bonnet.

2. cap


Sinonimi: pileus

ETYM Old Eng. cappe, AS. caeppe, cap, cape, hood, from LL, cappa, capa; perhaps of Iberian origin. Related to Cape, Cope.
1. A top (as for a bottle).
2. Something serving as a cover or protection.
3. Umbrellalike fruiting structure forming the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom; SYN. pileus.

3. cap


A tight-fitting hat (usually light-weight) for the head.
(Headwear) Brimless soft hat with a stiff peak over the forehead. It is also known as a “flat cap”. Since the 1960s caps have become popular as fashion accessories, often made out of brightly colored fabrics, leather, or PVC, sometimes bearing slogans. Baseball caps are a version of the cap, originating in the US.

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